THB Volume 3, No. 1 , 2001

Volume 3, No. 1 , 2001

Contents and Abstracts


‘Drawing Breath: Exploring the Spiritus of Writing' by Gayle Brandeis

Gayle Brandeis writes about breathing as the creative spirit of creative writing. She shows how breath is used in the Bible and how the ancient Greeks related breath and spirit. Her creative writing covers breath and inspiration, and asthma, and poetry, and laughter; breath and punctuation; breath language; breath and sensory deprivation; breath and death.

‘The Breath' by Wilfried Ehrmann

The concept of the healing power of the breath is the common denominator for all breathwork schools and the discerning element towards all other schools of growth work and therapy.

This article discusses the distinction of the physiological activity of breathing on the one side and the breath as a holistic term on the other side. By consciously breathing we activate the breath as a power which acts through the breathing but cannot be reduced to it. The breath acts as an intermediator between outside and inside, between body and soul.

‘Transference and Countertransference: a practical report on a Seminar at the Global Inspiration Conference 2000' by Wilfried Ehrmann

In his book Character Analysis , Wilhelm Reich gives a detailed and lengthy description of a therapeutic process with a schizophrenic woman. Among other techniques, Reich uses the observation of breathing and working with the breath in this process. This article extracts and summarizes the role of breathwork which appears as a predominant tool and healing factor in this treatment.

‘Ronnie Laing and Rebirthing' by Peter Walker

Peter Walker describes his R.D. Liang's method of re-birthing.


‘My experience of breath' by Margot Biestman

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