THB Volume 4, No. 3 , 2002

Volume 4, No. 3 , 2002

Contents and Abstracts


‘The Benefit of Breathing Out and In Instead of In and Out' by Ian Jackson

Ian Jackson , a sports coach, de scribes his discovery of the active Out-breath and the “Odd-count” breath cycle. He explains his method, which he calls “BreathPlay” and gives exercises for athletes and for boosting cardiopulmonary function. He relates BreathPlay to esoteric breathing techniques.

'The Posture of Health: Gravity, Oxygen, & You' by John Lennon, BM., MM.

Observations of the striking influence of postural mechanics on function and symptomatology have led to our hypothesis that posture affects and mo de rates every physiological function from breathing to hormonal production.

‘Thinking Positive or Rational? Dealing with the Dogmas of Rebirthing' by Piotr Raj­ski, M.A.

In this article the author critically analyzes one of the fundamental concepts of Rebirthing-Breathwork (RB), known as “thought is creative” principle. The author shares some concerns over the applicability of this “absolute truth,” especially if understood in a dogmatic and absolutistic way. On the philosophical level the principle seems to create confusion about the relationship between God, matter and human being. Second, it means tautology, inability to verify its conclusions. It may lead to a moral relativism. On the psychological level it may lead to overburdening with the sense of responsibility, emotional isolation and self-defending behaviors. It may cause difficulty in expressing negative emotions. Positive distortions of the reality, high expectations for positive outcome caused by some applications of the principle may lead to disappointment and frustration. Unskillful and inconsistent use of affirmations and the concept of personal law may multiply this effect. The author proposes that the principles of rational thinking, as delineated in the cognitive psychology, be adopted as the main alternative to positive thinking. A move in this direction would bring Rebirthing-Breathwork closer to the main stream therapies.

‘Mindfulness Of Breathing And Contemporary Breathwork Techniques.' By Joy Manné, PhD.

Joy Manné takes a case history from Mark Epstein's book Thoughts Without a Thinker: Psychotherapy from a Buddhist Perspective . She shows its relationship to breathwork meditation. She quotes the Buddhist text of the Anapanasati Sutta and shows its relationship to a range of therapies, including breathwork and body therapy. She makes a de tailed comparison between Rebirthing Breathwork with the Buddhist breathing meditation showing their mutual influence. Finally she takes the case history and de monstrates how breathwork would have ma de the meditator's experience less painful.

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