THB Volume 5, No. 2 , 2003

Volume 5, No. 2 , 2003

Contents and Abstracts


I Am Breathed by Margot Biestman

Exploring Healing with the Experience of Breath: My Story by Margot Biestman ©2002

An Impact of the Conscious Connected Breathing Training on Emotional States by Alicja Heyda

The goal of Conscious Connected Breathing (rebirthing breathwork) (henceforth CCB) is to unblock breathing, gently relax chronic muscle tensions and liberate repressed emotions and hidden memories. During CCB sessions memories that come from the preverbal stage of human development often appear. The goal of this research was to examine the impact of CCB on positive and negative emotions. 23 Ss. and 23 matched controls took part in the research. Ss had 10 CCB sessions, one per week (pretest – 2 weeks before 1 st session, post-test- 1 month after the last one). Tests: SE-T Scale, Losiak; Inventory of Situations and Responses of Anxiety (ISRA, Miguel – Tobal &. Cano – Vindel). The results show that CCB strongly modifies emotional states. Ss had statistically significant decrease of anger ( p<0,01) and anxiety level ( anxiety-depression – p<0,05, cognitive anxiety scale– p<0,01, physiological – p< 0,05, motor- p< 0,05, general anxiety – p<0,001). The level of positive emotions significantly increased (scale joy – contentment, p< 0,05). The emotions of the controls did not change significantly during four months.

When Consciousness looks at ITSELF: the Shamanic Life pattern and Breathwork by Joy Manné

Joy Manné describes the shamanic life pattern. She then compares it with the Buddha's life pattern, showing the similarities and pointing out shamanic aspects in the Buddha's “no-self” (anatta) teaching. Similarities between the shamanic life pattern and the process of development that takes place in Breathwork are described. Finally, she argues that the shamanic life pattern points to a human universal: i.e. that consciousness is naturally shamanic.

Potential breathwork specialisations: Trauma Treatment A Review Article by Joy Manné

Joy Manné uses a review of Babette Rothschild 's book ‘The Body Remembers: The Psychophysiology of Trauma and Trauma Treatment' to illustrate how Breathwork can fulfil many of the functions required in specialist trauma treatment including “braking and accelerating” and “using the body as a resource.” She suggests that her Breathwork technique of “unloading” could make a contribution. She evokes the possibility of a breathwork specialisation in trauma treatment and encourages interested breathworkers to study with Rothschild.

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