THB Volume 5, No. 3 , 2003

Volume 5, No. 3 , 2003

Contents and Abstracts


The Breath' by Wilfried Ehrmann

‘Standards of Rebirthing-Breathwork as Therapy' by Rajski, P., Delgado, T., Dowling, C., Heyda, A., Sudres, JL., Vignali, E.

Rebirthing-Breathwork (RB) is a method of self-healing and self-improvement based on breathing developed in the middle 1970s by Leonard Orr and associates (Orr, L., Ray, S., 1983). Since its origins RB has also been used as a form of therapy. For instance, in the middle of 1980s Rajski (2002) established a program for alcoholics based on this method, while Dr. Przy³udzki used it in therapy of patients with psychotic and neurotic disorders. Through contribution of many practitioners, RB has grown exponentially and become a vastly diversified domain of therapeutic interventions. This paper attempts to establish the standards of Rebirthing as therapy. For this purpose Rajski invited a group of RB practitioners, with backgrounds in psychology, counseling or psychiatry, from France , Ireland , Italy , Poland , and the United States to work on establishing the common understanding. He asked them the following questions: What is health? What happens during a Rebirthing session? What is the purpose of Rebirthing? What is the role of Rebirther? What are the essential and non-essential elements of Rebirthing? What are the unique contributions of Rebirthing to the field of psychotherapy? What are the similarities and differences between Rebirthing and other therapies? As a result Rebirthing-Breathwork was described through a set of standards to help eliminate misconceptions or idiosyncratic applications of the method. The authors hope that these standards will help in a more systematic research on Rebirthing-Breathwork and will facilitate the scrutiny by the international counseling community.

‘Toward empirically supported Rebirthing-Breathwork' by Piotr Rajski

Rebirthing-Breathwork (RB) is a method of self-improvement, originated by Leonard Orr, consisting of conscious connected breathing (CCB), spiritual purification techniques and cognitive techniques. In this text the author, a psychologist who considers Rebirthing-Breathwork to be a form of therapy, shares some ideas how practitioners of RB can show that this is a valid clinical intervention. Among these ideas, often used in reference to all new or non-established treatments, are: demonstration that RB is a form of cognitive- behavioral therapy; study the effectiveness literature; familiarity with the emerging research on the Empirically Supported Relationship; demonstration how RB is a vehicle for common principles of effective change; showing how RB appreciates the unique characteristics of clients; knowledge of the research in the area in which practitioners work; appreciation of the ethical principles, and rigorous certification process.

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Rritorna a The Healing Breath